I had the opportunity to speak at ReactPlay 🧠 at Razorpay. The houseful event was amazing, and I want to give kudos to everyone who joined us. During my talk, I focused on serverless computing ⚡ and gave a demo on Azure. It was great to meet so many students and professionals and hear their innovative ideas on how to use them in their day-to-day lives.

I also had the pleasure of meeting other speakers, including Rajani Ekunde☁️, Supriya Minnasandram, and Sayak Saha. It was nice to meet you all!

I want to extend a special thank you to Tapas Adhikary and Pritesh Kiri for organizing such a wonderful event and for having me as a speaker.

Kudos to Tejas Shah 📸

It was a fantastic experience, and I encourage you all to connect with me. Let’s keep the conversation going! hashtag#techcommunity hashtag#meetups hashtag#serverless hashtag#Azure hashtag#techtalk hashtag#reactplay hashtag#opensourcecommunity hashtag #bangalore

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