Bug bounty programs provide a great way for cybersecurity researchers to earn some extra cash while honing their hacking skills. These programs can be used to show real-world experiences to prospective employers and to connect with security personnel at organizations.

Companies can use bug bounty programs to find and fix vulnerabilities in their software. This is especially important because it prevents cybercriminals from exploiting the bugs before they’re patched.

1. HackerOne

Hackers can make money by participating in bug bounty programs and get connected to companies who are working to increase their security. They also allow those participating to demonstrate real-world experience for employers, who may be looking for candidates with a strong technical background.

HackerOne is a leading hacker-powered pentest and bug bounty platform that empowers organizations to find and fix cyber vulnerabilities before they cause damage. Its team of cybersecurity experts and penetration testers use penetrating testing that never quits and robust databases of vulnerability trends to mitigate cyber risks before they occur.

There are many factors that determine whether a bug bounty program is right for your company. For starters, the program should be curated for your company’s needs and should attract the right hackers to submit reports.

2. Intigrit

Businesses can use bug bounty programs to test and improve their security systems. They allow ethical hackers to mimic the work of malicious hackers and discover vulnerabilities that traditional pentesting methods may have missed.

Intigriti, a cybersecurity platform allows businesses to host bug bounty programs. Their program is easy to use and they have a solid triage team to support their users.

Intigriti recently announced a new model that allows security researchers to receive payment for their time spent searching for vulnerabilities. This new initiative offers payment for the hours a researcher spends on individual engagements within an agreed timeframe, as well as a capped reward for each bug found.

3. Bugcrowd

Programs known as bug bounty are a great way to check your software for potential vulnerabilities. They’re also a great way to earn financial rewards while helping to secure the digital assets of your company.

Bugcrowd is the best bug bounty program available for professionals. It connects ethical hackers with companies to perform security testing. The platform uses machine-learning to connect researchers and relevant projects. You can also integrate their platform with your software development cycle by offering automated workflows, high-quality triage, and integration directly into the existing software development process.

Bugcrowd is a SaaS platform which combines crowdsourcing with rapid triage and data-driven insight to protect your digital assets. It includes a massive security knowledge graph containing millions of data points, enabling dynamic, contextual workflows, ML-powered experiences like CrowdMatch, and rich analytics.

4. HackerOne is the Best

Companies can reward hackers for finding security holes by creating bug bounty programs. The bounties are available in a variety of sizes and can be used to help hackers earn additional income or full-time employment.

HackerOne, the leading platform for ethical hacking and cybersecurity in the world, gives organizations worldwide access to hackers. By bridging the gap between vulnerability discovery, remediation and retesting in a single platform, it enables organizations to stay on top of digital threats and protect their business.

HackerOne hosts managed programs that allow organizations to run private, project-based or time-bound security testing before embarking on major projects. Detailed reporting metrics give security teams a live view of their program’s progress and allow them to promptly set customized SLAs for resolving new disclosures.

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