With Cloud Computing, you don’t have to worry about buying and managing your own hardware equipment. Access your cloud data and applications from any location in the world. And you only pay for what you actually use.

It’s a great way to save money and keep your business running smoothly. It’s easy to get into trouble if you don’t pay attention to cloud usage.

companies who use cloud computing
companies who use cloud computing

1. Netflix – Cloud Computing

Netflix has been using cloud computing to stream its video content since 2008, according to the company. This allowed it to stay away from building data centers.

Instead of moving its operations to AWS, they moved them. The AWS cloud allowed it to rapidly scale its streaming services all over the globe.

This also saved Netflix a lot of money. The company was able to avoid spending large amounts of cash on building its own data centers.

It also saved on infrastructure costs and maintenance. They were able to invest more in video content development and production.

2. GE

GE is one of the world’s largest companies, spanning a range of sectors. Its 129-year-old history has roots going back to Thomas Edison.

GE is a significant player in computer technology throughout its long history. During the 1950s, it was the world’s largest user of computers outside the federal government.

It developed GECOS, which was later renamed GCOS operating system for batch processing. It also collaborated with MIT on the development of the Multics operating system, which is still in use today.

GE selected AWS to be its cloud provider of choice as part its global cloud strategy. It already has thousands of core applications migrated to AWS and plans to add more.

3. Apple

Apple provides a variety of cloud services including iCloud. The service allows you to upload photos, videos, and other documents online and is accessible for Macs and Windows PCs as well as iOS devices.

This allows you to sync files between the two devices. It allows you to access your data even if one of them is lost or crashes.

iCloud is the company’s largest cloud service. It synchronizes data between iOS and Macs. The company also uses third-party cloud providers such as Amazon and Google to host some of its services.

In the last few years, Apple began making strategic investments in cloud infrastructure. This includes a $10 billion data center expansion and a number of new hires.

4. Capital One

Capital One is a major financial service company. It is also among the first to completely exit legacy data centers, as well as migrate to cloud computing. The bank’s cloud strategy is a great way to increase automation and scale quickly.

The bank has also invested heavily in machine learning and AI technologies to bolster security and transform the customer experience. Eno, an intelligent assistant created by the bank to assist customers with managing their money is one example.

Capital One embraces cloud computing and containers. These technologies reduce the need for infrastructure management and allow the bank to deploy more advanced tools, like open-source rules engines.

To support machine learning projects, the company also created a platform. It includes tools for data consumption, governance and publishing.

5. Stay at HotelTonight

HotelTonight provides a service that allows travelers to book last-minute hotel rooms. This app offers an extensive selection of hotels located in major cities around the world.

This service has a downside. It only lets you book your stay up to seven days before. For spontaneous travellers who want to book a room immediately, this can prove problematic.

It does not allow for refunds. It is also not compatible with many hotel loyalty programs, as they do not allow points to be awarded on reservations made through a third-party website.

In addition to its hotel selection, HotelTonight also has a “Daily Drop” feature where they offer deals on selected hotels. The deals last only 15 minutes so act fast to get the best deal!

6. Kroger

Kroger is the largest national supermarket chain. It recently switched its mobile and web search engine to Google Cloud Platform. The technology used to do this was Spring, Kafka and Solr, as well as Cassandra.

The migration is part of a larger effort to modernize the company’s IT architecture. The goal is to provide digital support for programs such as ship-to-home or home delivery.

In addition, it plans to build a new cloud enablement team. This team will concentrate on cloud operations, private and public engineering and security architecture.

Kroger’s technology continues to play an important role in their operations. It is essential for how Kroger improves associate experiences. Two purpose-built apps were developed by the company in partnership with Deloitte, Google, and Deloitte. The first is a task management application for night crew managers, and the second is a store management app that lets store leaders rely less on paper tools.

7. Microsoft

Microsoft, the largest software firm in the world, has a wide range of products that form part of the cloud computing foundation. This includes everything, from office suites and operating systems to software tools and applications for end users.

This company is also known for its excellent technical support and customer service. This is crucial for ensuring your cloud-based business system works smoothly.

A wide variety of benefits can be enjoyed by cloud computing companies. These include reduced cost and easier communication with employees. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with remote staff or sales teams who travel frequently.

8. Google

Cloud computing allows you to connect remotely via the internet and access all your data, services, and information. It can save your business time and money and give you more control over your business operations.

The most popular cloud service providers are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. They offer many services including compute, storage and network as well as database and analytics.

Google Cloud can be a good choice for any company looking to rapidly scale up its global infrastructure. Google Cloud plans to increase coverage at more edge points in order to offer greater performance. This will allow customers to reach even remote locations with a faster and more reliable connection.

9. IBM

IBM is a software company that develops and delivers services to businesses. The company also offers support and consulting to assist businesses in implementing and optimizing technology.

Cloud services offered by the company include infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), platform and software (PaaS) The company offers three types of services: hybrid, public and private.

IBM’s strategic failure to capitalize on cloud computing, in spite of its great reputation for innovation was huge. The company’s failure to provide cloud computing services at a large scale has tarnished its status as an American technology icon.

10. Accenture

Accenture is a leading global management consultancy and technology service company based in Dublin, Ireland. Accenture offers professional services in Strategy, Digital Technology, Technology, and Operations.

Their cloud services are an integral part of their offering, allowing clients to adapt and scale at the speed they need. They can reduce their costs and accelerate innovation to increase business agility.

However, they have discovered that less than half of companies are getting full expected value from their cloud initiatives. This is an alarming finding, particularly since cloud adoption has become a mandatory requirement for many companies due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This challenge can be tackled by businesses if they recognize that cloud journeys require all hands. They must invite everyone in the organization into the discussion and encourage them to use their varying skillsets. This approach can lead to more success in the long run.

Cloud Computing

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