Can’t push from Git Bash “Could not find UI helper ‘GitHub.UI’” error while using git bash. An error occurred while using Git Bash “Could not find UI helper ‘GitHub.UI’.

This is one of the common issues while using git bash.

Let’s understand why this issue occurred, this happens when you don’t have a “GitHub for desktop” application since sometimes git bash requires ‘GitHub for desktop’ in order to perform some action OR it may be an issue with respect to GitHub credentials.

It can be easily fixed. There are various ways to solve ” Can’t push from Git Bash: Could not find UI helper ‘GitHub.UI'”. Just go through this blog and solve your issue.

Method 1: Downgrade Git Bash for Windows

Sometimes error “Can’t push from Git Bash: Could not find UI helper ‘GitHub.UI'” can occur because of an unstable version, you should first try downgrading it.

Steps to downgrade:

  1. Uninstall the currently installed git-bash
  2. Go to, scroll down, find an older version and download it.
  3. Install this old git version.

Method 2: Install GitHub Desktop

If we debug the error and when we look at this part “Could not find UI helper ‘GitHub.UI’ then we can conclude that this error occurs because of the missing component. You can Easily Install this component by installing “Github for Desktop”.

  1. Download “GitHub for Desktop“. Download link:
  2. Install “Github for Desktop”.
  3. Voila !! Your problem is solved

Method 3: Download Git-Bash by SCM

If you are still facing the “Warning: Could not find UI helper” issue then you should probably use git-SCM.

  1. Uninstall any currently installed git
  2. Download Git-SCM from here:
  3. Install Git-SCM
  4. Voila, the Issue is Solved.


In this blog, I have told you how to solve “Warning: Could not find UI helper ‘GitHub.UI'”. This can be easily solved by downgrading your version or installing a new version.

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