Kali Linux is one of the most widely used Linux-based operating systems, It pre contains tons of tools that can be used for exploitation purposes, it is a prebuilt operating system for hackers. In this article we will create Kali Linux Live USB with Persistense storage.

What is Live USB?

The Live USB means you can use the Operating System directly through USB without installing it. Plug the USB, use the OS, and Unplug the USB like a plug n Play Service.

Advantages of Live USB:

  • No Installation Needed
  • Ready to Use
  • Easy to Upgrade
  • No hardware drawback
  • Portable
  • Plug n Play

The disadvantage of Live USB:

Though it has many advantages, it has one major disadvantage: NO DATA PERSISTENCE. In Simpler terms, it means whatever you do in the live USB will not get saved, as soon as you unplug it you will lose all your data. When you plug it in, it will start as fresh as a new operating system.

But the good thing is, you can easily tackle this advantage which we are going to talk about in this article.

Steps to create Kali Linux Live USB Persistence:

Step 0: Download the Required Files

You need to download two files both of which are listed below…

Kali Linux Live ISO file Download Now

Above download button is only for x64 bit System. If you have a different system you can download it from here: https://www.kali.org/get-kali/#kali-live

Rufus Download Download Now

Step 1: Run Rufus

Step 2: Select your USB Device

Step 3: Click on “Select” and browse to the Downloaded Live Kali Linux iso file

Step 4: Slide Persistence Storage Slider to MAXIMUM

Rufus Kali Linux Persistence Stoarage Settings
Rufus final image

Step 5: Start

Step 6: If it shows any warning click “YES

Now your USB Drive will be formatted and kali linux will be loaded into it. When it finishesh click on Close

Step 7: Now Turn OFF your computer and go to Boot Menu

Step 8: Select your USB Drive from the Boot Menu

Step 9: Now Select option “Live USB Persistence”

Live Kali Linux Startup
Kali Linux Startup
Note: Default username and password is Username: kali Password: kali

Voila! You have now successfully created kali linux live usb with persistence storage.

Final Words

Kali Linux Live USB has many uses like breaking into computers, unlocking windows, exploit databases etc. It has numerous application. Keep Following us we will post some the applications too. It’s very easy and portable too.

Every Beginner should use kali linux live since it’s lightweight and dows not harm your main system.

Download the Source Code for Free

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